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The appearances of our homes, business, and community are visible indicators of individual and community pride.

Escondido Shines Day – Earth Day

Community Service: 9:00am to Early Afternoon – Families and neighborhoods are encouraged to come together to clean and beautify our parks, lakes, streets, neighborhoods and businesses and to make Escondido Shine.

Celebrate: Evening – Bring your family to a traditional gathering place and enjoy fun / music / entertainment with your fellow Escondido residents and businesses.  Make new friends and enjoy each other.

Gratitude: Make a special effort this day to show appreciation to others, help someone in need and practice the golden rule.  Cultivate a growing attitude of friendship by just saying “hello” or honk and wave a “thank you” as you drive by service groups on Saturday.  Make this a fun an positive day for everyone.

To find a Volunteer Opportunity click here.

Those interested in volunteering for Lake Dixon, Hodges Lake, Elfin Forest or Escondido Creek Cleanup click here and register directly with creek-to-bay clean up sponsored by I LOVE A CLEAN SAN DIEGO.