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Service Committee: Community

Rotary's commitment to Service Above Self has been channeled through the Avenues of Service, which form the foundations of Escondido Rotary Club's activity.

Director: Ruth Kingcadestef holden

Community Services focuses on the third component of the Object of Rotary by serving the Escondido community  through a wide and diverse range of grants and programs for various community, youth, and non-profit organizations,   including, but not limited to Boy Scouts, Interact, and other types of community service grants.

Grants: Ruth Kingcade

Hands On: Ron Smith

Rotarians at Work: Keith Richenbacher

Grants: Ruth Kingcade

Escondido Rotary Club is looking to support local non-profit organizations that provide services directly to the residents of Escondido. We focus on: hunger relief, education for children and youth, and care for elderly and Escondido residents in need. If your organization is at least 3 years old and registered as a 501(c)(3) in the State of California, we would like to hear your story, what you do, and how our local community benefits from your work. 

Meeting Location

The general meeting is Noon every Tuesday at The California Center for the Arts, 340 North Escondido Boulevard (map).